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John Adams, inventor and entrepreneur has been in concrete business for over 20 years and developed several curb machines for his construction business. 

 In 1997 John embarked upon a new business in curbing. 

The original small machine that John had purchased had certain mould size restrictions.  

John approached the manufacture of his first machine for other mould sizes but the response was the machine will not fill the mould.  Unsatisfied with the response John decided to start creating his own moulds and to his surprise John was able to produce product far larger than the manufacture said John would be able to.  

After numerous successes creating his own moulds John was being asked to produce a barrier curb that is 16" high and 10" wide at the base.   Although John had success with increasing mould sizes John discovered that there was a mechanical barrier. John looked at the modern curb machines and realized that to accomplish the size of moulds being requested John didn’t need a huge machine but there were no viable choices for a small compact machine that would produce the product being requested so JohnI took to building his first machine in 2004.  In 2010, John took a new curb and sidewalk design to an engineering team and the Form-Botic prototype was manufactured. The machine produces curb and sidewalk and enhancements were implemented along the way.  Fast forward to 2019 with seven prototypes each one better than the one before John through Curbco has created the very best Curb and Sidewalk machine in the industry today.   The Form-Botic meets and succeeds all industry expectation and produces product in a way unlike any other, providing a vast veriety of quality concrete products.

Exciting Opportunity


Although there are large concrete slipform machines available in the market that produce curbs and sidewalks, over 90% of the sidewalks are manually formed and poured due to existing machines are too big and cumbersome failing to fit into city infrastructure and new subdivisions. The Form-Botic solves this problem. It’s small footprint fits within the width of the sidewalk allowing the machine to accomplish projects in close quarters where previously manual labour was the only option. The Form-Botic provides a fast return on investment. 

When bidding on a concrete sidewalk or curb tender there are a number of costs considerations that factor into the quotation such as cost of excavation, grading, concrete, labour and forming materials. The costs of excavation, grading and concrete are a constant whether a contractor is going to manually form and pour or use a machine, therefore they will not be considered in this scenario focusing on the cost of the forming materials and labour costs involved in manually producing sidewalk.  This is where the Form-Botic saves considerable time and money.


Make More Money


There are many variables between geographic areas, productivity of construction crews and labour costs however for the purpose of this scenario we use the average rate as provided by North American construction companies with an average labour cost of $35.00 (thirty-five dollars) per hour.

In an 8-hour day a construction crew of 4 can form 400 linear feet of sidewalk at a labour cost of $1,120. An additional crew of 4 for 8 hours are required to pour and finish for an additional $1,120. A 2-person crew will be needed to strip the concrete forms after it has been poured at a labour cost of $560. Finally, a $1,00 cost per foot for from boards and hardware for an additional $800 for an overall cost of $3600.  

Alternatively, a 3-man crew can produce the same 400 linear feet of sidewalk complete with finish in 2.5 hours for a total labour costs of $265 and fuel costs of $20. 

The incredible difference between manually producing sidewalk verses the Form-Botic is $3,315 for a 400-foot sidewalk pour. 

Based on the savings of the Form-Botic over manual form and pour the machine would pay for itself in approximately 10,860 linear feet of sidewalk, a potential of $10,000 per day. 



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